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Will an Oil Spill Grass Roots Marketing Campaign Work for Florida?

All clean at Boca Raton beaches!

Collateral damage is part of any disaster or emergency.  Misinformation or the wrong perception is common.  Florida is going through that right now.

Mention vacationing or buying waterfront property or near beach homes in Florida, outside the state, and many react, “The beaches are flooded with oil,” Property values are crashing because of the oil,” and on and on.

It’s just not true.

The facts:

– Some beaches are impacted in NORTHWEST FLORIDA.  Check those locations before making arrangements.

– Florida has over 1,197 statute miles of coastline.  A VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE OF NORTHWEST FLORIDA is impacted by oil.

– Florida has over 663 miles of available beaches.

– The beaches that are impacted in NORTHWEST FLORIDA, primarily Escambia County, are over 700 miles from the Florida Keys.  There’s a lot of clean beach between Escambia County, Florida and the southern tip of Florida.

– The oil is a long way from the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current – possibly hundreds of miles.  IF the oil gets into the look current, then it will take at least 7 days to get to the SOUTHEAST FLORIDA coast (Palm Beach to Miami).  Then it will most likely arrive as tar balls.

– From Jacksonville to the Florida Keys have NOT BEEN TOUCHED by oil or tar from the BP disaster.  Most of the WEST COAST of FLORIDA has NOT BEEN TOUCHED by oil or tar form the BP disaster.

The Florida Tourism Councils and Visit Florida are encouraging residents and visitors to post and send pictures as visual evidence that the beaches are clean, clear, and ready for visitors, second home buyers, or retirement buyers!

Pure beaches here in Jupiter!

It’s a tragedy that the BP Oil gusher (hardly a “spill”) happened and is still going on. We should all support the coastal communities in NW Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana to stop the oil and from hitting their beaches and reefs, and clean up the mess.

In the meantime, let your friends, families, and out-of-state associates know there is no collateral damage in most of the state of Florida.  Our economy depends on it.


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The Internet: Making us smart or stupid?

Are they getting smarter?

What does reading on the Internet do to your day? Have you changed the way you work? What you do all day? How you manage your workload? The things you focus on?

There are lots of distractions: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, news and game sites…

In “The Shallows,” written by technology writer Nicholas Carr, he concludes that the Internet is changing what we think about and how we think. “Media … supply the stuff of thought,” he writes, and “also shape the process of thought.”

Click to See Full Article

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UPDATE: Embrace Life wins International NY Festivals Award

Winner of an International NY Festivals Award

Embrace Life, a YouTube phenomenon that went viral with over 12 million views, has just won a NY Festivals International Advertising Award. It’s well deserved. The video doesn’t use a single spoken word but the message is loud and clear.

The UK govt PSA beats Nike, Bud Lite, Christian Dior, etc for top advertising honor:

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5 killer local websites worth taking a look

Battle MediaLab Website: Great Demo Reel!

Battle MediaLab Website - Great Demo Reel:

Websites are like feelings. Everyone has them, but some are better than others.

Determining what makes a great website isn’t a matter of taste, it’s a matter of purpose and matching the brand personality. Graphics and navigation are not the driving force for a good site now. Viewer engagement is now fundamental.

Dynamic content, ease of use, an information architecture that is intuitive and doesn’t have to be figured out or learned, speed to content, and integration of social and rich media for interaction are the new demands for good sites.

Most of all, sites have to be real and true to the brand. No more staged stock photos of happy people. So here are some local sites that I thought matched their brand, invited engagement, and were easy to view and use.

Click Here to see the rest of the article and the 5 sites:

5 killer local websites worth taking a look.

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14 secrets to social network writing for profit

Social Networking Cloud

Hundreds of social networking sites available. By: R. Michael Brown

UPDATED! Social networking is the latest craze: blogging; commenting on sites like LinkedInFacebook, and hundreds of others; and Twitter, don’t forget that addiction.

Many know how to use these channels to rekindle or start new relationships. Not many know how to use them to get leads, prospects, or sales. Click to read more:

14 secrets to social network writing for profit.

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7 brands with bad-ass email programs –

Email marketing and public relations has many great benefits:
  1. It’s instant, or at least faster than any other medium
  2. It can be interactive and encourages engagement
  3. The production values are almost limitless and media rich because there are no printing costs
  4. Distribution is virtually free
  5. Provides a great measurement vehicle

In this article by Dylan Boyd, he shows some great examples of campaigns that will provide you with inspiration.


7 brands with bad-ass email programs –



  • National Geographic asks for your preferences, your profile, your desire for each email type, and, most importantly, your permission
  • Timberland’s emails stand out due to brand consistency, large calls-to-action, clarity of messaging, and easy-to-measure creative tests
  • Banana Republic has stepped into its own in testing, experimenting, and being different

Do your subscribers crave your emails? Be inspired by these brands that are marketing in ways that move audiences and drive results.

View >>

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