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14 secrets to social network writing for profit

Social Networking Cloud

Hundreds of social networking sites available. By: R. Michael Brown

UPDATED! Social networking is the latest craze: blogging; commenting on sites like LinkedInFacebook, and hundreds of others; and Twitter, don’t forget that addiction.

Many know how to use these channels to rekindle or start new relationships. Not many know how to use them to get leads, prospects, or sales. Click to read more:

14 secrets to social network writing for profit.


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R. Michael Brown
Marketing Consultant, Public Relations Consultant, Freelance Writer: West Palm Beach, Florida

"I help organizations increase sales, and pump up the value of their brand, using media, for the lowest cost per customer."

Digital Marketing and Public Relations consultant, writer, and producer with over 20 years experience launching brands like DiVosta Homes, IBM Multimedia, Nextel, Motorola business and government sector, and SunFest Jazz Festival.

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