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The new magazine aggregates the best marketing news and information from the best sources across all industries on the following topics: brand journalism, content marketing, native advertising, social media marketing, traditional marketing and public relations, and more – all in one easy to flip thru place (Web or Smart Device).

Recent Headlines:

– On the digital horizon: Tech thought leaders look to the next big thing

– Study: Social media user demographics 2013

– Study: How Publishers Are Measuring Native Ads Today

– Where the Real Money Is Going in Online Advertising

– Wired Magazine Taps Real Journalists to Push Further Into Native Advertising

– Can big data technology be used to replace creative marketing?

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Brown Ltd. Launches New Online Magazine: “Marketing Works Today”

Marketing Works Today latest news: Author Services & BlogTalk Radio via @flipboard @BrandJournalism


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Professional Content Marketing

Brownie Byte

If businesses are going to be in the publishing business, which is what #contentmarketing and #brandjournalism is, they better make great info or it will fall flat and fail.

The wiser organizations are hiring pro writers, editors, and producers. They’re getting results.


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The Death of Time with the Birth of Social Media

The Death of Time with the Birth of Social Media.

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Your Brand is a Promise. Content Marketing is a Big Part of How You Make It

By +Brian Clark @CopyBlogger

This is a must read about branding and how you should do it today. Content marketing (publishing) isn’t the only method and the Internet isn’t the only channel; but, they should be a main focus of your marketing and PR strategy.

Don’t forget brand journalism!

Got content?

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Great article about brand journalism and the move from newsrooms to corporate communications

I hired 15 full-time journalists to work at IBM in the early 1990’s to do what has become known as brand journalism. They reported on our products, services, and customers. They followed most of the guidelines in this article. Want to get started? This is how:

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Marketing Works Today

This blog is to help you learn how to connect with customers. The goal is to show you how to get the most qualified leads, traffic, relationships, and sales for the lowest cost/customer. I'll write and aggregate content that relates to the goal. You're welcome to subscribe, comment, and post. Send me your news tips!

What’s In A Title?

I've had a lot of titles [Director of Marketing, Communications Director, Advertising Director, Multimedia Producer, Managing Editor, Reporter, Copywriter]; but, I approach every project as a digital producer... what does the audience need and how can I deliver it most effectively and for the lowest cost?

Sometimes I write with pictures or video, sometimes with words. I always keep the goal in mind: sales, leads, traffic, a better brand image or awareness, or just a really good story, etc.

Yeah I create content for money. But you'll see from my background that I'm way better at making money for others than I am for myself.

I wish I had 1%. I'd be surfing with my kids all the time now.

Contact me and I'll make some for you.

Mike Brown

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Search Engine Advertising

I have 8 years experience setting up, writing, and managing small business and simple product campaigns ($100/week Google Adwords) and large business campaigns with multiple divisions and product lines (up to $20,000/week in Google Adwords – more than $1.1 billion in annual sales). Contact me to create your campaign!

R. Michael Brown
Marketing Consultant, Public Relations Consultant, Freelance Writer: West Palm Beach, Florida

"I help organizations increase sales, and pump up the value of their brand, using media, for the lowest cost per customer."

Digital Marketing and Public Relations consultant, writer, and producer with over 20 years experience launching brands like DiVosta Homes, IBM Multimedia, Nextel, Motorola business and government sector, and SunFest Jazz Festival.

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