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UPDATE: Embrace Life wins International NY Festivals Award

Winner of an International NY Festivals Award

Embrace Life, a YouTube phenomenon that went viral with over 12 million views, has just won a NY Festivals International Advertising Award. It’s well deserved. The video doesn’t use a single spoken word but the message is loud and clear.

The UK govt PSA beats Nike, Bud Lite, Christian Dior, etc for top advertising honor:


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Everyday Heroes & Leaders

A few years before the attack on 9/11/2001, I produced a PSA  that was the essence of what Motorola did for the marketplace.  Here’s the spot in 1999.  The goal was to “write” with pictures.  It only has 35 words (spoken or on-screen) in 92 seconds. 

It got a lot of attention from customers.  What do you think?

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Print can work as part of a marketing and PR strategy. See when!

A good integrated marketing and PR strategy must incorporate the media types and channels that best fit the audience for a product, service, or situation.  Many times print is a great fit. 

The key is to have a measurement system so you can validate or change tactics to spend the lowest cost per customer.

One example of print that works for real estate marketing: Direct Mail.  It works in almost every situation. A time it DOESN’T work is when you are trying to attract international buyers.  Direct Mail would be crazy in that situation because of the cost.

Another example of a situation that works for print: Newsletters targeting older (60+) and very wealthy buyers.  Many in this demographic don’t use the web, email, or if they do, don’t know how to open attachments or have assistants do their email for them.

A great example of print that works for the 50+ market is “Where to Retire” magazine. With an ad they have a reader response card. The magazine sends you mailing labels and a spreadsheet so you can follow-up with people that checked your box on the card.  Great measurement system!  This magazine is one of the most effective I’ve used for new home buyers or to advertise an area or community.

One of the best post’s I’ve seen on print as part of your marketing and PR strategy.

Post below from a great content marketing strategist: Joe Pulizzi:

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